About Us

MeeTri is a software services company that is diversifying globally. MeeTri is a global provider of information technology services and software development solutions. We leverage deep industry and functional expertise and leading technology practices to help clients transform their highest-value business processes and improve their business performance. MeeTri is led by a team of seasoned executives with extensive experience, industry knowledge, and technology expertise. Our management team is committed to excellence in customer satisfaction, technical innovation, and partnering with best-of-breed technology and distribution partners.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in Information Technology solutions and software development services. Respected globally and preferred by clients, employees, vendors and society at large

Our Mission

MeeTri helps businesses by providing world-class Information Technology solutions and software development services - not just by developing cutting edge apps but by creating mature products which enable our customers to serve their customers better and help achieve their business objectives

Our Values

Innovation: We are a perceptual work in progress always striving to be better. Innovation motivates action, to take risks, encourage curiosity and new ideas, learn from mistakes, and constantly strive to exceed expectations.

Move The Line: Every day, in everything you do, challenge yourself and move the line. Push your boundaries by focusing on incremental improvement. Be forward-thinking.

Focus on Result: Achievement of the goal. When you do that, the journey will map itself out. And it may be different every time

Trust: We build trust through constructive, candid communication that serves the common good. The work environment is open, honest, and collaborative. True collaboration can only exist in an environment of trust

Respect & Support: Treat people with respect in all dealings and be committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment. We share a responsibility to support our team members and enrich their lives

Have Fun: Laugh. Be grateful, positive, and hospitable. Make people feel good.

Be Data-Driven: Recommendation, conclusions & decision-making should be backed by data, patterns & facts

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