The Client

The client is one of India's leading healthcare eCommerce platforms. They provide services in three main verticles, from doctor consultations on chat to online pharmacy and lab tests at home. With their services, they are on a mission to bring care to health, to give people a flawless healthcare experience.

Client Meeting

Complications with their eCommerce Platform

Earlier applications were in different tech stacks like some are in angular, normal html5, WordPress etc having different portals and different authentication & authorization systems. This made the user experience difficult, which was a huge issue for the company. Also the company had to maintain and work on these different platforms, which required large workforce. .

ecommerce Platform

Client's Requirement

To get the digital experiences they needed to update their business platforms, the client sought the expertise of Meetri Infotech. They had around 15 applications that power eCommerce which are been made in different technologies that are outdated and support has ended. They want to unify all such applications in a single platform having single sign-on, the same look & feel using the latest and greatest technology platform .

Client Requirement

Unified Platform

Meetri has unified common functionalities like authentication, authorization, user management, application management, role management, reporting, etc. Meetri's developers have re-written all frontend code using the latest react framework and created a node layer from calling existing python APIs. Also have created a new python API, updated some of them, and reused existing ones also. We have used monorepos for it wherein different application point to same domain. .

unified platform

The Result

The end result was a unified platform that showcases the company's large catalog of a diverse range of products in a way that appeals to shoppers and people looking for healthcare products and services. Ease of working across multiple applications wherein user need not log in to no of different applications.

Users aren’t lost in functionality as common controls are used across applications which provides a similar UI across all applications. Extracting reports across applications has become easy and maintainability has improved.

Now the platform can be easily extendable and scalable for the new technologies and updates.

Result Image

Now the platform can be easily extendable and scalable for the new technologies and updates:

  • Page Experience: Mobile Usability: From Failing -> Good
  • Average Engagement time: From 5m to 15m
  • Average Page load time: From 3.5 sec to 2.1sec

With our intricate knowledge of the latest technologies for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry blended with our extensive experience in custom software development, Meetri has created a recipe for success.

Technologies Used

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