Can you imagine how relaxed and joyful you will feel if you can manage all this and in-fact add little more to your scope of work and thus added financial rewards?

With the advancement of technology today there are new, innovative and better ways to handle these chronic problems. And these digital solutions are used by many progressive and forward thinking businesses successfully.

You are in the right place if you want to be one of them...

About Us

We at Meetri-infotech have provided digital solutions to a wide variety of industry sectors and thus have not only depth but width also in our expertise. Below is a list of few of the domains we worked for and our customers, who would voluntarily vouch for us.

We Provide Customized Software Solutions

We help businesses like yours, with our expertise in most effective solutions of 21st century- The Digital Solutions, to resolve the problems in efficient most manner and enjoy the fruits together...
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Patient Management Software

Helps in scheduling, maintaing history and other critial parameter of patients, telemedicine, and much more

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Patient Monitoring Software

Integrate with device to get real time Patient data, Run analytics on historical data, and much more

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Inventory Management Software

Help simplifies the fulfillment process for nursing home businesses. Integrate accounting data, get insightful reports, inventory management, and much more.

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Integrated Diagnostics Lab

Get real time reports, tracking, sample management and automated patient communication

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Supply Chain Management

Helps in management of the flow of goods, data, and finances related to a product or service.

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Applicant Tracking Software

Helps recruiters and employers to track candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

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Nursing Home Software

Get all Nursing Home information in one place, EHR, registration, scheduling, appointment booking, billing, teleconsultation, e-prescription, analytics, reporting, and much more

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Electronic Health record

Paperless hospital information and management custom software. Electronic Health record (EHR), Patient portal, telemedicine..

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Healthcare Application Development

Build Exceptional Custom Healthcare Applications across a breadth of devices including desktop application, mobile application and tablet application, TV application and web appliaction.

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Your Options

Doing Nothing

Just let go all the benefits of having a custom made software for different functionalities in your nursing home.

And thus also let go the chance of reaping higher financial rewards!

But you wouldn’t have read up to this point if that’s the case.

Go with a Big Tech Firm

You are here because you see the benefits of having custom software for different functionalities in your nursing home but you would rather go with a big tech firm, just to be sure!

Even if that means breaking the bank and dealing with the authoritarianism and delays that often accompany the bureaucracy and power of such firms.

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And enjoy all the benefits which comes with working with a small but horizontally and vertically experienced firm.

No compromise on features and benefits of custom software but lesser cost, faster development and full support!!

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If you book a call now and before August 15th, we sign a contract to work together.
You get a cutting-edge mobile app (worth approximately $2000) ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST.
which may help you improve your customers' experience and potentially increase future revenues

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Valid: 15 March 2024

Special Bonus worth $2000

Frequently Asked Questions

Now a days everything remotely is possible. We use video calling for discussions, regular emails and documents sharing of each stage. Implementation of software in your facility remotely can be done. We have a young and energetic team who are flexible to adjust as per client needs so time zone is not an issue.

We have in-depth experience working not only in health care sector but in other sectors also. We bring best practices and knowledge from a wide spectrum of industry which help us say we know how to manage complexity. Secondly we involve the leaders appointed by you, from the very first day during requirement gathering and later during software building process. It helps steering through complexity even better.

As we offer customized software exclusively for you, we first together go through a requirement gathering phase to asses all your requirements then we analyze and see what technologies, how many skilled resources, how many hours of development would be needed to meet and exceed your expectations. Accordingly, we make a proposal.

When we decide to work together, first step is requirement gathering phase which lasts for 5 to 10 working days depending on the size of requirements. Based on requirement we will divide work in milestones and payment will be linkedin to each successful milestone.

The approach varies depending on the specific case. In general, when implementing a similar feature system, we opt to run both systems simultaneously, with data flowing from a single source. This ensures that all data from both systems is preserved. Once we are confident in the new system, we cease using the legacy system and exclusively rely on the new system moving forward.

Building products from the initial idea is what we are specialized at! If you already have an idea then contact us via email, online form, or call us. We will meet and talk it over. Just be clear with your idea, have relevant information. Please go through our on engaging a software development company.

Certainly! We will design the system using a modular approach, enabling seamless and efficient migration of either individual components or the entire system to upgraded technologies. This ensures that the process of transitioning to improved technology is both feasible and smooth.

We will be more than happy to help you with that. Beginning with a UX audit, through improving your system architecture, adding new features, or fixing existing issues

Yes. All our customers are assigned a contact that serves as their guide and information source throughout the process.

We could not call it exactly a demo version but using Agile Methodology compels us to create working software as soon as possible and later just add the next features along the process. Eventually, you will be able to examine and test your software very early.

Feel free to contact us anytime

If you book a call now and before August 15th, we sign a contract to work together.
You get a cutting-edge mobile app (worth approximately $2000) ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST.
which may help you improve your customers' experience and potentially increase future revenues

Bonus worth
Valid: 15 March 2024

Special Bonus worth $2000


Electronic Health record Inventory Management Software Supply Chain Management Nursing Home Management Software Diagnostic Lab Integration Applicant Tracking Software