Messaging as a Service (MaaS)

What is Messaging?

It’s about exchange of information either Internally (in distributed systems) or Externally (between systems). The messaging is a communication at the application level.

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What is Messaging as a service (MaaS)?

Every website/application needs a communication system to display the status, errors, task completions etc. Whenever we access a website or an application we interact with the frontend and the frontend communicates with backend where our query is processed, and the result is then communicated back to the frontend. This result is displayed in the form of a message through frontend, for e.g. Error messages, Success/Failure messages, etc.

Throughout the website there are various components that require a message handling system. As a developer to develop separate message handling becomes a tedious task. With MaaS, this task reduces down to an easy plug and play kind. MaaS provides a centralized repository of all the messages required throughout the website/application which can handle the messaging and notifications of all the components. This makes developers job really simple and easy. MaaS being a Plug-n-Play system integration with any kind of system is time saving and easy.


  • Security controls embedded into the design to the highest standards.
  • Plug-n-play integration
  • Error Handling
  • Desktop popups
  • Anti-Malware for data at rest
  • 99.9% availability
  • Built to scale on 100% serverless architecture.


  • Assured message delivery
  • Common Central Repository for all components
  • Data encryption to secures your data
  • 100% native cloud technologies ensuring the service is scalable
  • Full messaging auditing

How does it work?

When you interact with website/app, it first connects to the frontend server and sends the command corresponding our action. The frontend server then subscribes to the database for changes. A query for notification is then sent to the MaaS server which then stores and queries the database for notifications. The MaaS server then returns the notification as queried back to the Frontend server which then communicates with the website/app to give you the result in form of a message

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How can we help?

We offer you a highly available, accessible from everywhere and collaborative messaging system protected from viruses, spam and other threats. Moreover, you benefit from Service-level Agreements and a messaging system that is compliant with rules and regulations. Our customers can take advantage of a very high-level security and a feature-rich and innovative messaging system as well as reduce their costs and investments. To get a service perfectly suitable for your needs, we recommend you get in touch with us.

MaaS Extensions

Along with error messages, transaction messages, confirmation messages extension mentioned below can also be offered as per requirements:

  • Social Media Notifications
  • Emails
  • WhatsApp Messages

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